Helix Toolkit 3D for .NET

Release 2.7.0

[2.7.0] - 2019-05-12


  1. Make it possible to receive touch/manipulation events from swap chain render control (WinForms).(WPF.SharpDX)
  2. ManipulationBinding allows to map ManipulationGesture for UWP (UWP)
  3. Added TimeStamp in default shader global variable for time based shader animation. (WPF.SharpDX/UWP/Core)

Improvement and Changes

  1. Mouse3DEventArgs now also store the mouse/touch/pen event that caused the Mouse3DEvent #1111 (WPF.SharpDX/UWP)


  1. Fix RenderTechnicsExample SharpDX crash SharpDX bug #1130 (WPF.SharpDX/UWP/Core)
  2. Fix find 3d point on single axis aligned 3d line. #1114 (WPF.SharpDX/UWP/Core)
  3. Fix PInvokeStackImbalance #1149 (WPF.SharpDX)
  4. Fix STLReader can not handle”NaN” values. #1150