Helix Toolkit 3D for .NET

Release 2.17.0

[2.17.0] - 2021-06-20


  1. Adds TopMostGroupNode and TopMostGroup3D to support top most rendering. Ref: #1572 (Limitations: Top most meshes are rendered at same level as screen spaced items, which are not supported by post effects and render ordering.) (WPF.SharpDX/UWP/Core)
  2. Add supprot for shadow map to automatically cover complete scene. (Limitations: May not be able to properly cover the scene if contains boneskinned animation.) (WPF.SharpDX/UWP/Core)


  1. Added null check in IRenderMetricesExtensions.UnProject().(WPF.SharpDX/UWP/Core)
  2. Fix BatchedMeshGeometryModel3D blinking when BatchedGeometries update.(WPF.SharpDX/UWP/Core)
  3. Small problem in PointAndLinesBinding example, SetPoints() method.(WPF)
  4. Fixed glitches in various examples and project build.(WPF, WPF.SharpDX)
  5. Fix memory leak if same reference counted object gets collected multiple times.(WPF.SharpDX/UWP/Core)