Helix Toolkit 3D for .NET

Release 2.16.0

[2.16.0] - 2021-04-24


  1. Adds coordinate system axis color dependency properties for Viewport3DX. (WPF.SharpDX/UWP)
  2. Support for loading .obj and .mtl from stream. (WPF)


  1. Avoid GPU resources getting destroyed and re-created unnecessarily. (WPF.SharpDX/UWP/Core)
  2. Improves texture loading. Re-implemented TextureModel and provides ITextureInfoLoader interface to allow user defined texture repository.(WPF.SharpDX/UWP/Core)
  3. Auto caching Stream and TextureModel pair to avoid duplicated texture resources.(WPF.SharpDX/UWP/Core)
  4. TextureModel changes to be Guid based. TextureModel with same Guid will be treated as same texture.(WPF.SharpDX/UWP/Core)
  5. Aggregate hit test function parameters into single hit test context. (WPF.SharpDX/UWP/Core)
  6. Move FXAA to the end of rendering, so FXAA applies onto screen spaced object. (WPF.SharpDX/UWP/Core)
  7. Add preliminary hit check with hit thickness for PointNode. (WPF.SharpDX/UWP/Core)


  1. Fixed viewport crash during display configuration change #1531. (WPF.SharpDX)
  2. Fixed cursor is wrong after pressing multiple mouse button simultaneously (WPF.SharpDX/UWP)
  3. Bugfix export without material (Assimp)
  4. Fixed bounding box is not updated properly. #1555 (WPF.SharpDX/UWP/Core)
  5. Fixed Frustum test bug. (WPF.SharpDX/UWP/Core)
  6. Fixed shadow map OrthoWidth dependency property is setting to wrong property in scene node.(WPF.SharpDX/UWP)

Breaking Change

  1. Hit test function signature has been changed.