Helix Toolkit 3D for .NET

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Getting started

Use the NuGet package manager to add the Helix Toolkit package for your platform.


Example code can be found in the Source/Examples folder in the repository.


The documentation can be found at docs.helix-toolkit.org. Note that it is under construction. Please contribute!

Guides are also available at GitHub Wiki.


Use the discussion forum at forum.helix-toolkit.org if you have questions regarding the library. You can also try the chat room or Stack Overflow.


Feature requests and bugs should be added to the issues section at GitHub. Please do not use the issues section for questions.


News about the library can be found under announcements. There is also an atom feed for the posts.


This project is continuously evolving and any kind of help is greatly appreciated. See the [contributions] page for more information about how to get involved.


The project is supported by